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Goody No-Shoes Guide to Etiquette, Part 1: Introducing Oneself

These are the chronicles of my life as a brand spanking new librarian. I go by Goody, since being excessively polite and good-natured is my current modus operandi while working in the public sector. (Before you ask, no, it doesn’t work that well.) I’ve always loved books, but as an art student turned hippie turned impromptu librarian, I’m just a tad in over my head, working in a library with people who at a minimum have years of experience on me. But the library can be a very interesting place, every day brings new challenges and people with levels of crazy I’ve never before witnessed… and I had a schizophrenic grandparent.

To people who already work in one, it may not seem like much, but I intend to offer a n00b’s perspective as I receive my education; not to mention keeping track of the challenges I face, observations I make, and the every-growing pile of books I add to each day as I am exposed to authors I’ve never read, topics I’ve never thought of, and titles I never even knew existed. Please have your tickets ready. It’s time to Keep Calm and Serve the Public.


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